Martin J Glennon Jr.

Hi there! I am the new owner of Angel Auto Insurance in Hobart (since 2016).  I offer you a simple promise.  A promise to focus on building upon the already good reputation left by my brother and father.  Insurance is in my blood.  I am a third generation insurance agency owner and will continue to improve our services for you and your family.

I have a dream for this agency that I think we can all get behind.  Some of the dreams I have won't surprise you if you've had the chance to get to know me.  Here are just a few:

  1. 10% of the gross of any insurance agency owned by me will be going towards food to the local families in need. (Did you know that 48 million Americans go without food most days?)
  2. My agencies will bring integrity and respect back to the insurance industry again. We will leave our mark on the industry in a big way.
  3. All changes will be upfront to you the customer and expenses will be a matter of public record. (I'm often asked how much I make and you will no longer need to ask once implemented)

Lea Glennon

Being a wife and mom made the security Life Insurance gives, personal. The product line I oversee at Angel Auto Insurance is Life Insurance.

For years, while my husband Martin Sr, was establishing Angel Auto Insurance, I was working in an as needed basis in all the aspects of running an Agency while raising our 8 kids, 5 of whom still work in the Insurance Industry. While continuing to increase my skill in the insurance lines I write, I recently graduated from Charis Bible College with a Ministerial License.

I serve as an Apprentice part time at the Charis extension in Schererville. My passion is encouraging others to see the Word of God as practical to their everyday lives through speaking, writing and music. I consider it a privilege to pray with you if you have need of that.

Life insurance is worth the investment and just might be less costly than you think. Let me help you get that settled. Give me a call for a free quote!