Why should I Insure my vehicles with Angel Auto?

Have you yourself or someone you know been burned by an insurance company?

Sadly, this is all too common in this day and age.

What if you could be with an insurance agency where that would not be a problem?

Guess what? You've found it! Angel Auto Insurance in Hobart evaluates all of the companies it offers based on three factors: 

  1. How do they handle claims?
  2. How good is the customer service?
  3. Are they priced fair for what they offer?

That means, every single company we have has been carefully inspected to meet the needs of the middle class people of America. We like to consider it "VIP service" for everyone.

Companies Used for Auto

  • Progressive
  • 1st Chicago
  • Hallmark
  • Founders
  • Classic

What are your rates like?

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Best Agency Around!

“My last insurance company dropped me because my daughter needed an SR-22 and refused to cover her. Angel Auto put time and attention in to our quote and even set up a Username and Password for the BMV Website so we could monitor our license from home. My lawyer didn't even do that much for my daughter.”

— J.A.

Such a nice family.

“I have been coming to Angel Auto for about 8 years and the thing that always surprises me is how they continue to improve their services every year.”

— L.K.

Unbeatable Service.

“I had a series of bad run-ins with police when I was younger. This caused me to have outrageous rates with most companies. By switching to Angel Auto my price was almost $500 a year less than the company with the Lizard we all know.”

— N.T.