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Meet the Family

Every person in this photo is someone or was someone you would have seen working at Angel Auto Insurance. (From left to right: Martin Sr., Adrena, Lea, Joanne, Deb(in the front), Lily, Jeremiah(in the back), Abe, Martin Jr., and Lydia) *CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN MORE*

Meet the Companies

Here you will find out who owns the companies, who runs them, their background story, and where they are located. *CLICK THE LOGO TO LEARN MORE*

Meet the Owner

This is Martin J Glennon. He is the owner of Angel Auto Insurance in Hobart, an Author, a motivational speaker, and is known as the "Philosopher Agent". Click below to watch one of Martin's speeches or learn what he is up to. *CLICK THE PICTURE TO LEARN MORE*

What's our story?

Angel Auto has had 3 generations of Glennons in the insurance business and over 60 years combined knowledge of the insurance industry overall.  We're continually improving services to our customers and offer two locations to visit in Portage and Hobart for ease of use.  We believe that insurance can be simple and does not need to be overpriced.  We have two mantra's we use in regard to our agency:

  1. A promise is only as good as the person behind it and we have great people.

  2. Angel Auto Insurance is where VIP service is for everyone. 



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