You're a Thread, Your Life - a Tapestry - Martin J. Glennon


So every once in a while, I have an epiphany.  The 4th of July was that day recently.  I had been spending the day with family and we were discussing the ups and downs of life.  I was sitting next to a tablecloth and suddenly it came to me.  One of the biggest moments of clarity I have ever had.  The tablecloth was pulled taut revealing minimal waves and creases.  

The design was basic, but pleasant.  As we continued eating and chatting, I began to notice each flower was different on the tablecloth.  Either there was a different color or it was a different type of flower.  The flower close up looked like a jumbled mess.  Stepping back, you can realize the blur makes it look more real as your eyes can not see whether it is defined or not. 



Even further back, you can truly notice the mural that is this tablecloth. Many blankets are made in a similar fashion. From a distance, the beauty is fully realized.  Our lives are like this.  You may be struggling right now or maybe you will be soon or you've just been through the wringer.  Let me tell you something.  You are a beautiful work of art.  Each and every person is a thread.  Creating.  Crafting.

Your tough times, are the different colors in a woven blanket or tablecloth - a tapestry.  Every time you are twisted up and left feeling low, these are the waves you must weave to complete the piece.  Your hardship makes the beautifully crafted flower in the blanket.  Every time you feel challenged and weak from the beat down that life can be, you are creating the next work of art to add to your full piece. 




In the end of your life, you can step back.  You can walk far back away from your wonderfully made life and say "Wow, I didn't know. These things, they made such a difference in my life. This life, was a work of art."  If you are someone who creates goals for themselves, you have the needle to guide.  Your needle leads.  Your needle changes your course.  It makes the art piece even better.  You can design your masterpiece. 

Go make your tapestry in confidence now that you know the hard parts are weaving a beautiful piece in your work of art of a life.


Martin J Glennon