The ups and downs of Insurance

Insurance is a fairly unpredictable business to be in.  Sure, I know that December through February is going to be rough.  Sure, I can depend on a busy few days at the beginning of each month.  The one thing I can't depend on is all the rest of the days in-between. 

Insurance is not for the feint of heart.  Sure, it requires a lot of hours just like any other business.  You need to build report to keep a good relationship with clients.  Sure, insurance is required for anyone who owns a car.  Many let that be an excuse to cancel their policy as soon as possible.  Yet, they commit to paying their cable bill every month without fail.  Cable is a bill that probably costs more than insurance for you and actually takes more from you than insurance.  

You tell me.  What offers you more value, a car or cable?  

Here's where the problem lies.  One of those two bills is required by law.  Most people do not like to be told what they can and can not buy.  And I really can't blame them for not liking the fact that they are forced to pay something.  I don't like being told what I have to pay either.  However, I choose to look at driving a car as a privilege, not a right.  This makes it easier to pay, because I know that right can be taken from me if I drive without insurance.

This is the remarkable catch-22 that comes with insurance.