My heart aches for the homeless.  My heart aches for the kids who are dying because they can't find food or water.  My heart aches for the people who think violence or rioting will solve major issues.  My heart aches for the problems we can solve in 2016, but still they aren't being fixed.  

Why can't we find a place for the homeless to stay?  Why can't we all find food or water for those kids?  Why can't we spread peace and love instead of violence on the news and in the streets.  Why is gun violence such a rampant issue today?  

Why do powerful people get to pay to avoid prosecution when they are guilty while poor people can't afford to protect themselves from wrongful prosecution?  Why do we throw trash on the ground when there are garbage cans everywhere?  Why is someone who wants solar panels for free energy so highly taxed?  Why do we care what the Kardashians are doing?

Why does an electric car have a negative connotation when emissions are ruining our atmosphere?  Why is it wrong to have an opinion on God when no one really knows 100% either way?  Why do we glamorize lying, cheating, stealing and drug abusing on TV and movies?  Why can't a teacher say they believe in God when they can say they believe in evolution?

Why can't we have a presidential election without everyone acting live 5 year old's name calling and tattle-tailing?  What happened to the respect of leading a great country?  Why doesn't the news include where we can donate our time and money to help when something bad is happening?

We have some work to do.  It's within our power to fix all of these things.  We should do so, before it's too late. 


Martin J Glennon