Homelessness is a Full Time Job

Every once and a while I think of something that becomes my complete focus for hours and hours.  This concept was one of those things.  I titled this blog "Homelessness is a Full Time Job" because it gets the point across that life will take from you if you let it.  Don't let negativity beat you down.

What I mean by the title is that life is always going to be hard.  It's not meant to be easy and if it was, no one would appreciate it.  If you want to work 40 hours a week or "full time" you can expect to have some failures, some troubles, some relationship woes, but you still fight to hang on. To make your life comfortable, you need to learn some new things and work hard at making life work for you.

Also, if you're homeless, you need to think of ways to get food.  You'll need to find somewhere to sleep.  You'll need to battle it out to stay alive.  In either position you have to fight for survival.  The only real way to get ahead is to work for it.  

Having a career is important in a number of ways.  One way is making something of yourself.  Another way is proving you stand for something.  Even in the Bible there is mention of the importance of a job.  Without a purpose, you are aimless.  There is no joy without a focused goal. 

So when I say "homelessness is a full time job" I mean life is hard either way, pick your hard.  I prefer to front-load my pain because I've found that if I am hard on myself, life is infinitely easier on me.  

If you know you should walk everyday, but don't like walking.  So what, you need to do what needs doing.  What will happen if you don't?  You could gain weight or when you get sick you're immune system will not be prepared to fight and you lose function permanently.  Or you're heart gets unhealthy and eventually you have a heart attack. 

You're either moving backwards or forwards.  When you walk, your heart health improves.  Conversely, when you don't walk, your heart health gets worse.  We must all take great care in thinking of all things this way. 

"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." - Socrates

Be blessed,

Martin J Glennon


P.S. I know being homeless is usually not the choice someone who is homeless wants to make and in large part it is due to mental illness or very unfortunate circumstances.  I just wanted to use it as an example for those who think hard work is not worth it.  I would argue that hard not-work is not worth it.