A Vacation I'm looking forward to

Yesterday I met someone who lives a fascinating life.  It always amazes me the way some people make their vacation a part of their work.  She has been a cross-country train stewardess for 20+ years and still loves it.  That makes me wonder why some choose to do a job they hate.  

There's all the normal reasons I have heard.  

"I needed the money"

"Gotta feed the family"

"I don't hate this job as much as the last one"

And so on.  You have to remember that life is only given to you one time.  We only get one shot at this.  Modern teachers and influential people will have you believe you have to choose from either "Work now to play later" or "Play now and work the rest of your life".  That is not always true! 

I'm here to tell you that you can mix what you like with what you need.  For me, I like helping people and being motivational.  For insurance, I get that opportunity.  I speak to people every day that need a motivational quote or story that I have rattling around in my brain.  

So, back to this wonderful lady I met yesterday.  She found a way to travel for half of the year and get paid for it.  She rides through the mountains from Chicago to Portland, Oregon nearly 50 times a year.  She showed me pictures and it is truly a beautiful journey and almost as beautiful is the train you ride in.

People like that always inspire me.  She is really loving her life and I am so glad I met her.  I know that I will be booking a ride on the train for one of my next vacations.

What do you think?  Would riding on a train for 3 days through the mountains be something you'd enjoy?  Let me know in the comments.


- Martin J Glennon