Why many People quit the Insurance Industry

"There's only 9 or 10 of them out there, they just move around a lot." - Jim Rohn

That's one of my favorite funny quotes from Jim Rohn.  The point of the joke is that you're going to deal with some mean people, no matter what business you're in.  Most the time they are not mean on purpose.  Pretty much always, there is something going on behind the scenes.  Now I'm going to tell you a story about one of those situations I often deal with, that happened today and why I have a glass of wine when I get home some days. 

We close at 5:00PM on weekdays, it's been that way for a while.  My mom and I were getting things wrapped up because it was about 5:17PM and we both had things we needed to do after work.  Someone walked up to the door and pulled on it.  He knew we were closed.  The door was locked and the sign says our hours right next to the door. 

This didn't work for him.  He had a cigarette in one hand and was knocking on our door with the other.  I stepped out and looked at him, because he wasn't stopping and pointed to the closed sign.  (I should really quickly point out, we've had many problems with this guy in the past for similar problems. i.e. Not respecting our time, hitting on my employees, etc.) 

He looked straight at me and shrugged, then kept knocking on the door.  I unlocked it and told him we were closed and he needs to come when we're open, because we all have things to get to after work.  He insisted that he was only paying a bill.  I told him he'd have to come back later and he said he couldn't.  I let him in to take a payment and come to find out he lied.  He didn't want to make a payment, he wanted to make a change on his policy.

He didn't have a Vehicle Identification Number, but we had the vehicle on prior policy of his.  I went to find the VIN and then priced adding the vehicle.  I get to the payment screen and he asks me to re-do the quote with Full Coverage.  The vehicle was really old and I explained that full coverage was going to be a waste of his money.  He insisted I do it anyway.  

I get to the payment screen for the second time.  By this point, he'd been here 10 minutes.  I was already going to be late getting to what I needed to do because of him.  It went from a payment to an endorsement to a second endorsement.  At this point I was getting pretty frustrated, but I kept calm.  I told him the price and he said he didn't want Full Coverage, go back to Liability.  

I re-quoted it for Liability, and meanwhile my daughter is running up and down the halls with some toys while this guy is cussing like a sailor.  I told him the price for Liability and he said, "I don't have the money, we have to wait for my mom".  A few minutes later, she walks up and pays the payment.  He told her he now wanted Full Coverage again and she was going to pay for it.  She said he didn't need it and he really went off on her and was shouting the F-word over and over.

I raised my voice and said "I have a 7-year-old daughter playing right there and I know you saw her.  Get out of my office right now."  He said "F you" and walked out the door.  His mom apologized and told me about his problems with drugs and bad friends who influence him.  He walked back in and told his mom to buy him pizza from Little Caesars.  I told him and his mom that if he ever did it again, they'd have to leave our agency for good. 

I'm sure he really didn't care either way.  But here's the big kicker, the guy is in his 30's.  He is rude and always has been.  After he left, I just had to laugh because I already knew this about him.  I have been cussed out by him a couple times in the past.  He does not apologize for his behavior and never will.  I'm not sure why I opened the door for him. 

Anyway, I thought you all might get a kick out of it.  Now you know what we insurance agents deal with some days and why the door stays locked when the hour strikes closing time.  That's the point of this blog really.  I want to show the good and bad things we handle on a day to day basis.  What happened today is the reality of being in the insurance business and I didn't sugar coat it one bit.  

Here's my promise, to continue to show what happens here.  I will give insurance a new respect and integrity that it's never had.   I will change the industry, starting at square one in this little insurance office.  From here I hope to bring you all with me, making a lasting impression on the next generation of insurance agents and insurance customers.  

So, what do you say?  Care to join me?