Working On Filming A Commercial!! Agency Update

Well, I'm not sure how Blog-worthy this news is, but we're working on making a making a commercial!  Since the partnership has not been confirmed yet, I will not say with who exactly, but I will just say the picture for this blog post has something to do with it.

I have been trying to think of mutual beneficial partnerships over the last several months and this idea involving animals has come up in my head more than anything else.  An animal shelter seemed like the best place to help from my side. That's right!  I want to help them. 

I want to make people more aware of the awesome cats and dogs that are available for you to take home to your family.  So, pretty soon (no confirmed date yet) I will be filming the world's most adorable Insurance/kitten collaboration and this I'll be sharing with you all on our facebook page.

- Martin J Glennon