Get More Out Of Life By Slowing Down

Church ended around 11:00AM today.  Most of the time I leave pretty much right away, but this time I decided to hang around a bit and talk to some people I had not seen in a while.  I had a really important conversation and then my daughter Adrena told me she was ready to go.  

I held Adrena's hand and made a move towards the door.  At this point only a hand full of people were left in the building.  On my way out the Pastor spoke over the microphone for everyone to come back to the center of the room.  Adrena and I turned around and walked back to the center.

Kurt (the pastor) announced that everyone in the room was to be a witness.  A young couple stepped up to the stage and Kurt began an impromptu wedding ceremony.  It was really exciting and Adrena was in awe of what just happened.  

Again, life has a lot to offer if we'd just slow down to be a part of it.

Martin J Glennon