The Science of Why We Overeat, Drink Excessively, and Watch too much TV

Underneath all of the self-harming that we do is a reason.  There is always a reason.  We feel like our lives are spinning out of control, so we overeat and not just a little bit.  We break our own promises and the self-loathing grows a little deeper every time.  Well, there is a solution and it's surprisingly simple. 

Behind most of the amazing people you know are some very basic habits.  Let's dig a little deeper what those habits are that result in such a fantastic outcome.  What are they doing, exactly?  Is it because they blend their fruits and veggies into a vitamin breakfast drink?  That certainly is a healthy habit.  Is it the fact that they refrain from the news?  Hey, that's a great one!

Sure there are all the little tricks we all use and many of them work! ..for a week or maybe two.  Then we are asked to stay later at work and we get home and we're tired and hungry.  We end up right back to where we started.  

It's a shame right?  But "them's the brakes" as the saying goes.

Or maybe not.  I am going to tell you a little scientific secret that is going to change your life.  I'm not being dramatic.  There is real scientific evidence behind what I am going to tell you.  This one thing is not the only thing, but it is the MAJOR thing stifling your improvement.

You ready?

I'm going to explain this to you by bringing up some celebrities that I know of who know this and take it VERY seriously.  Which, you must do, if you want to have serious results.  To have a seriously great life, you must take life serious.

Have you ever noticed how Steve Jobs seemed to always wear that stupid turtle neck and blue jeans?  Twenty years with this outfit.  Why?  

What about Mark Zuckerberg and his outfits?  He does the same thing.  He posted a funny video last year where he was trying to decide what outfit to wear and then the camera looks in his closet and he has hundreds of the same shirt and same pants.  Beyond the joke there is more to it.

Bill Gates is very precise about how many hours a day he spends reading.  Is he exaggerating or maybe just guesstimating?   It is NOT an accident.   All successful people are very precise and this scientific secret is the reason why.


Did you ever notice when your plans are shot your brain feels a little burned out at the end of the day?  There is a reason for that.  According to studies done on the brain this is no accident.  When you set plans and they do not fall through, your brain is fine.  Weird right?

In layman's terms, the part of the brain that helps you to make decisions actually works like a battery.  That means if you get a good nights rest the next day you start with a full decision making battery in your brain.  Now what happens if as soon as you wake up you have to decide what to make your kids for lunch and breakfast, what you're going to wear for the day, what time you're going to work out and if you should clean your car?

For most people, the brain is completely fried by the end of the work day.  You can not make great decisions anymore.  Your body goes in to auto-pilot and it eats whatever it wants.  Your body tells you not to work out.  

Let's look at the reverse.  Steve Jobs made that outfit his outfit for life and as funny as that sounds he's gone on record saying it is his single most important reason for success.  Jobs knew there would be important decisions every single day and wherever he could cut out decisions from his day he would.  All meetings were scheduled days in advance.  

Zuckerberg and Gates do the exact same thing!  Every day they end it with making decisions for the next day.  They have the clothes ready the day before.  The schedule is so precise that they could tell you what they will be doing at 3:30PM two weeks from now.  That is why Gates can say he reads 4 hours a day.  Because he actually does!  He schedules it and so should you!


What should you do with this information you might be wondering?  After you finish reading this, share it (I made the decision for you, that should help).  Then tonight before you go to bed, you're going to do a few things so that tomorrow you start off great and finish great as well!

  1. Get enough sleep!
  2. Pick your outfit for tomorrow before you go to bed
  3. Write your schedule for tomorrow - each hour (this can be tedious, but tomorrow, you'll thank me)
  4. Make tomorrow's meals in advance
  5. Put the things you enjoy in your schedule, but limit them (1 beer, 1 hour TV, etc.)

The reason sleep is important is because if you need eight hours of sleep and you only got 5, your battery in the morning is at 5/8 what it should be.  If you're having a tough time mid-day, studies show that taking a nap actually helps.  Drinking coffee or energy drinks or pop actually has a negative effect on your day once it wears off.  

If you feel you must drink coffee, limit it and don't drink any after 12:00 Noon, because any later will affect your REM sleep.  The meals in advance will help because you now have no reason to waste money on crappy food or take whatever you can get wherever you are.  

Here is a graph to show you guys the difference in stress level by the end of the day between someone who is using this information and someone who isn't:

Does that make more sense to you now?  Less decisions means less brain-battery depletion! Now that you are equipped with Steve Job's best kept secret, what can stop you?

The only difference from you and the person you envy is that you settled for less.
— Dr Phil

 Martin J Glennon