Today's Guest Writer - Inmate Brandon aka DJ Sow The Land - My Four Barred Window

Below you are going to be reading a blog guest written by an inmate at one of the local County Jail's.  He is a very intelligent guy and amidst our conversation last week I asked if he had something he wanted to share with the people.  

He said he thought he might and I asked him to think about it and tell me the next time I visited.  He went even further than that.  He wrote a full blog about being there.  There is a lot we can learn from him.  Please, read on with an open mind.

"These Four Walls

I'm writing you while surrounded by white concrete bricks.  Every night, there is a red steel door slammed and locked on you in a little cell with steel bed frame.  On the little bed is a mat that is just a little thicker than a yoga mat to sleep on. 

Depending where you're located in the building, your room may have a window with four iron bars.  Some days you refrain from looking out of the window.  I can relate to those who are deaf.

How you ask?Well, I see birds through out the distant tree line, but don't hear them sing their songs.  I see the wind blowing, but don't hear the rustle of the leafs walk along the ground or the sound of the branches clapping.  I can't hear the tree joints popping from dancing either.  

A few months ago on America's birthday, I was watching the night sky being painted with all types of bright beautiful colors.  I got to watch what was dead come back to life and now death has returned again. 

I've asked myself, is there beauty in death?  I mean we've pretty much sealed death as dark and Gray.  In my window I see the wind blowing it's final fervent breath of nice weather.  Soon the trees once clothed with their radiant colors of warmth will gracefully do their ending dance and one by one they will take their bow. 

As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".

One thing I miss the most is the gazing up at the stars and being looked down upon from the man on the moon.  Next thing we know, Jack Frost will be tapping at my window again.  The fields that were once green and gold will once again be covered in a white blanket of snow.  

Where there once stood a scarecrow, a snowman will stand and the trees clothed with every color we can imagine will don icy jewelry.  

Oh the things I see through my four barred window....

P.S. I do not write this so you will feel bad for me.  I write it so you will better understand what life is like when we are incarcerated after making poor decisions.  It's more of a wake up call for those of you who need to hear it."

- Brandon (DJ Sow The Land)

Brandon is an interesting individual.  On most days he spends his time studying the Bible and reading books that are available to him.  He has solid plans for when he gets released and his rocky past is littered with fascinating experiences.  

With a cup of coffee in one hand and the other hand scratching his beard, he will openly discuss his past failures and successes.  He has visible pain in his eyes from his past choices.   Unlike some, he asks nothing of you and wants to fight the fight without handouts, unless freely given.  

All of this aside, I've got to tell you.  Brandon is really just getting started.  His goals are more important than his failures now.  In search of a greater future he discovered his love for music and the radio DJ mark he wants to leave on the world.  

I will keep you updated on Brandon's progress as the months move forward.  And if he likes, I will have him guest blog again in the near future.  We talked about setting up a podcast when he is out and if he does, I will share that with you guys as well.

I told Brandon I would let him know what you guys think of his writing.  So please be sure to show him some love in the comments!

Martin J Glennon