You're More Like A Tree Than You Think!

Imagine you are a tree. The only way you will grow more upwards and outwards is to also dig down with your roots and fasten yourself in place. A weak root system will fall with the wind and a strong one will take the wind and hold still.

This metaphor is to help you understand the power of your habits. If you create good habits of finances, moral grounds, health, and relationships, you will stand straight and grow. Conversely, poor habits(or roots) will tear it all down. Rotting roots are your bad habits.  They will stifle your growth and keep you from hitting your full potential.

You can only grow with good habits. It's time to re-root your tree. Place it in good soil with lots of room to grow. If your roots interlock with the roots of people with bad habits, they will take you down with them, but intertwine your roots with people who have good habits and together you will stand for much longer than if you were alone.

Cutting corners would be the equivalent of getting chopped down by lawsuits.  If you lie or cheat your way to financial success you'll find the ground your standing on is soft and doesn't hold well.  You'll be worried during each storm that you'll be found out for what you are.  

Time to link your roots to better groups of trees.  And as you stop and consider the depth of this metaphor in your life, also think of this.  Who do you know that has good roots?

Martin J Glennon