How To Start Your Day Right

Many years ago there was a company that got stuck and could not why they were not growing anymore.  They spent years fighting to keep their business at the same level.  Before giving up, they decided to try hiring a business adviser.  

The business adviser came to their location and looked over their books and observed their operations.  After a couple days he thought he found the problem.   He noticed that the managers were just taking problems as they came in and whatever they were previously were working on had to be laid on the wayside.

The adviser came to the CEO to give his suggestion.  He said the solution was to better organize their priorities before the day began.  The plan was to have each department manager write down the three most important priorities for tomorrow before they leave the office.  The items should be labeled as # 1 being the very most important item.  If the first item is the only thing they finished that day, #2 should be made #1 tomorrow.

The CEO doubted the validity of this advice and was uncomfortable paying for it.  The adviser said "I'll tell you what.  Because I believe so much that this will work, you can pay me what you think the advice is worth in a month from now." The CEO agreed to these terms and within a very short time the company was wildly profitable again. 

The CEO sent the adviser such a large fortune, it was enough for the adviser to retire for the rest of his life.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
— Benjamin Franklin

Prepare well my friends,

Martin J Glennon