The Growing Disease Of Thought - Stop Your Envy Before It Controls You

At the beach, a man looks past his wife who gained a little weight after they had their child.  He looks at a young college aged boy with two girls. He is thinking "I wish I was that boy.  Two girls to himself, what a lucky boy!  I wish I'd never married." 

The young man looks past his two sisters at a boy with a shovel and bucket playing.  He thinks "Those we're the good old days, when I could just do whatever I wanted and I didn't have to bring my sisters everywhere." 

The boy stops playing with the sand for a moment and looks at a girl driving her car.  He thinks.  "I wish I could drive wherever I wanted.  Then I could get away from my parents."

The girl's car runs out of gas just as she parks and looks over at another girl riding in a boy's car.  She thinks "No wonder he's with her, she's so pretty.  I wish I didn't have to be so alone all the time." 

The girl in the boy's car smiles, but her stomach won't stop growling.  She has not eaten more than an apple in 2 days.  She looks at a woman with her husband and child sitting on the beachfront.  She thinks "I wish I didn't have to starve for boys to like me.  I wish I could find a man like that woman over there."

Before you begin self-loathing consider the good you already have in your situation.  There are good and bad things for all people.  Before thinking of what you don't have, think about what you do.

Martin J Glennon